Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm a chronic skittler. I find it helps me work through my untrieds quicker. But ever since I saw this awesome post from Asami, I've been feeling the skittle shame.

(Strangebeautiful Vol 3 colors)

I tried to tone down my skittling by going with similar color tones - all very dusty. I like!

Any frequent skittlers in the house?

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jaljen said...

I very rarely have 5 fingers the same. I'll skittle or do accent nail. And I NEVER have both hands the same. But the skittles are often in the same family. Could be 5 taupes or 4 or any combo. Otherwise polish can be boring. I don't execute it as well as you or Asami though....

Faith J. said...

I'm too conservative to Skittle, but that's because I've always seen it done in bright and contrasting colors. I like your more subtle approach! I may have to try it!


Apple Juice said...

I lovee these colors! I've never tried skittling, but I might have to try this tonight!


Laynie said...

You know, I've never really skittled intentionally. What I end up doing is swatching, then forgetting. Unfortunately, I'll swatch 2-3 colors on one nail, so it's not uncommon for me to have 10-15 colors on one hand.

Of course, it does occasionally lead to really cool stuff, like the time I swatched 2 Milani holos next to each other and figured out how well they blend. I'm dying to get the whole set now and do a rainbow gradient manicure on myself. It'd take AGES, but DAMN it'd be worth it!

Alas, no such luck anytime soon... But rock the skittle, lady, and don't feel shame! :D

mKat said...

I haven't tried skittling in the classic sense but I did try something similar to Asami's post; I went from dark to light, thumb to pinky, a few weeks back.

I don't mind it but skittling, even the modified look Asami did, isn't my favourite thing. :P Kinda seems like something only little girls would love.

But hey... half the nail art crap I do is tacky and also something that only little girls should love so what do I know? :P

Grace said...

It's not my thing. I've been itching to try an ombre mani, though. I was just hoping to do it with colors from my stash, rather than having to mix them myself, but it's pretty tough to get it perfect without mixing (and my stash isn't small!). I think all the colors have to be the same finish (creme, shimmer, jelly, etc.), along with adhering to the color scheme for it to really look pulled together.

Aurora's Nails said...

I'm not actually a skittler. I've tried it, but like Grace said, it's more of an ombre thing for me. But all different colors isn't atually my thing, unless I'm feeling particularly fun :)

Michelle L. said...

I love skittling! I have so many polishes & want to try them all NOW, but hate taking off polish that still looks good. Seems wasteful & I feel guilty. So skittling seems the answer.
But if I know I'll be out in public, I try to keep it a little more conservative like gradients. I do this because I once wore a rainbow skittle mani to dinner with an old friend of my late mom's who asked me if I'd been bored or something. LOL!

Bunny Masseuse said...

Pretty much all I wear every day are skittles :) I rarely wear all of the same color on more than one finger ;)

razberiswrl said...

I love to skittle with mini collex. They are usually ranbowish or pastel or neons or whatever. I never really thought to skittle with darker colors, but I like it! I've also wanted to try my hand at an ombre mani, but don't feel like mixing. *shrug*

Lucy said...

The only time I do skittles is when I get an order of polish. I just paint over what I've got on.

Piff said...

jal - Glad to find a fellow skittle buddy. Asami's post caused me to raise up my skittle-game. Lol!

Faith - Asami's way looks really awesome without being tacky.

Apple - Yay!

Laynie - Omg a rainbow gradient holo sounds insane!

mKat - That's an ombre mani!

Grace - 100% agree on all of that. I did an ombre many on my friend the other day and I barely was able to pull together 5 appropriate blues.

Aurora - Ombres really do look awesome.

Michelle & Bunny - yessss fellow skittle-files!

raz - If you don't wanna mix, you gotta buy more polishes :)

Lucy - lol that doesn't count.

smALtY said...

I'm not a skittler but I may become one!! I love the "same tone different polish" mani, not too much "in your face" ;-)

extraH said...

I love skittling! I can definitely understand how some would consider it a little juvenile or non-professional, but I think you can create such interesting color effects with it. I constantly skittle my toes, but mostly within the same color family - I'm rocking a killer pink/red toe skittle right now, and I think it looks kind of chic!

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