Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soo Nails Foils

I was reorganizing my helmer for the millionth time when I realized I had a surprising number of these metallic-y foils (they're sort of an in between, they're textured like a foil, but not as glittery - they remind me of those yummy chocolate eggs).

Soo Nails is a random brand I've found in a few beauty shops around NYC. I've seen them pump out a couple near dupes (I don't own either to be 100% sure but I swear they have RBL Mismas and ONS near-dupes), I've also found an exact dupe of Zoya Miley. The labels this brand uses are faded and cheap, the names are unreadable on most of my bottles. So I'll just describe them by bottle color.

These are all photos of NOTDs (not swatches).


(2 coats)


I used the gold Soo in water marble posted a few weeks ago.


(2 coats)

I think this one might be my favorite.


(2 coats with a holo top coat)

2 problems, (1) there was no good lighting when I took these pictures, so I made up for it by taking a million photos (sorry!) and (2) there's a holo topcoat on it. So it's not accurate really. Oh well...


(1 coat)

This one has the best coverage but I like it the least on me.

(You may have noticed that I'm posting more infrequently. That's because this job is killing me. Literally. In order to keep their lawyers from staging a revolt the firm stuffs us full of free food. They're trying to keep us fat and happy. We're like lethargic cattle. Further, I don't get out as much as I used to. I can feel myself liquefying. Oh well. I knew what I was getting into when I signed up and I'm generally happy more often than I am upset, so that's a win. I like what I do, except for something very evil called "Diligence." Also, I'm in love with this senior associate in my office and I suppose that makes daily life interesting. All in all I suppose I musn't complain. Plus the nail polish expenditures don't hurt nearly as much as they used to.)

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Lucy said...

The pink polish is really gorgeous. I've never heard of this brand. I love metallics and foils lately. Just can't get enough of them.

Snapdragon said...

I really like the pink too, and the magenta. I'm new here, so I don't know what NOTD means? Or when you say that they are not swatches, I don't understand that either. I probably can't get them up here in Western Canada anyway, but they're still pretty. Since joining your blog I see nail polish all over the place and I think of trying it, but then I wonder about how well it will last and so I don't end up buying it. Do you buy just any nail polish, or are there any brands you stay away from?

Piff said...

Lucy - I think the orly set started my affinity.

Snapdragon - NOTD = Nail of the Day (means a photo of an actual manicure) a swatch is where you paint your nails JUST to take the picture, and then take it off again. It doesn't usually make a huge difference. NOTD's will be a little bit neater, they'll also almost certainly have top coats. I prefer my swatches to not have top coats so I can actually see how the polish is.

I don't really have any disfavored brands. I actually find quality of polish varies more from polish to polish rather than brand to brand. I buy the polishes I think I will like! That's my only criteria.

Snapdragon said...

Oh wow, really. Okay, thanks for that info. I have a few OPI's, and found them to wear so well I stopped buying other (less expensive) brands. But maybe I'll give the odd one a try then, especially as OPI is expensive and I don't wear polish that much.

Pleshette_Rose said...

I must have that turquoise polish! I love all of them actually. So pretty.

Piff said...

Snapdragon - Your best bet is to research the colors. The nail community definitely has their favorite colors from brand to brand.

Plesh - Glad you like :)

Mischa said...

omg! love love LOVE the foils! the turquoise is gorgeous but i agree that baby pink foil would be my fav choice too. let's face it, i love them all! lol yummy!!!

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