Friday, October 29, 2010

Colors I knew I wouldn't like but bought anyway.

I think all of these polishes are beautiful. They're just not my style. Does that stop me from falling prey to the peer pressure? Hellz no.

Lunar Eclipse

(2 coats)

So prettyyyy. I even like my own swatch of it! But I remember I couldn't wait to get it off me.

Royal Navy

(2 coats)

I don't actually mind this one. It's just that the swatch doesn't look like reality at all. I feel like nobody else stressed that this is not what Royal Navy actually looks like in person! It's so much darker in person (at least on me). The sun somehow really lights this one up. I find that it's almost 119-esque indoors. I own plenty of dark blue jellies. So this just wasn't one I needed.

Space Cadet

(2 coats)

Isn't the duochrome effect cool? Amazing?? Too bad I hate duochromes. I'm an idiot.


(2 coats)

Ugh. I KNEW I didn't like this one. Why? WHY?!

Nouvelle Vague

(2 coats)

I actually don't mind this one. But For Audrey is on my middle finger, so... I really didn't need this.

These are all gorgeous colors! They're just not my style. I hope you ladies are enjoying them!

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BeautyChick101 said...

I totally agree with you about Paradoxal. I bought it too and was so mad at myself -- just not my favorite color of all time. Totally not worth the $23!

Nina said...

Ugh, I totally understand you if I just take a look at my orange and glitter polishes. What was I thinking?

Ruthlessrocks said...

Agreed RE paradoxal. I don't even feel luxe wearing it, just dumb for shelling out 25 bucks

Miranda said...

LOL!! I own the first 4 and love them, they are totally me. Although I hate how you barely see the purple shimmer in Paradoxal. The last one is really really really not my thing.

Megan Harmeyer said...

You crack me up! I have a couple that are the same way for me. Peer pressure sux.

Enamel Girl said...

lol, at the title. i've done this so many times it ain't funny.

royal navy is one of my untrieds, i hope i love it because its so pretty.

Paola said...

I need galaxi Girl by Orly


tasha~ said...

Awww same them for swaps maybe? Urgh why do I always have to buy the LE Chanels too!!

Kathy said...

I'm the opposite...I absolutely know what I will wear and never deviate no matter how pretty it looks I won’t buy it. I have the same colors over and over just a slightly different shade or texture. I can't help myself. If I see anything in the coral/brown/taupe family, I'm getting (if it's within my price range). I will admit I did make one bad buy with Revlon’s Ocean Breeze and wore it once—everyone said it looked great on me, but I just couldn’t take it so I kicked it to the curb. I thought it would be a darker teal color but instead it was greener than I liked.

But I've noticed I'm beginning to gravitate to the vampy side of nail polish. I know I'm late to the party. :-)

So now there are a lot more wine/burgundies/plums popping up in my collection.

SaintBella said...

Ooh, if you want to swap Paradoxal I'm up for it! :P

Piff said...

BeautyChick, Ruth - That was a 100% peer pressure buy. So mad at myself. Not my style at. all.

Nina, Megan, Enamel Girl - Right?! So often I feel this.

Miranda - When people say they like these colors, I totally get it. They're just not my style at all.

Paola - ok...

Tasha, SaintBella - These will all end up for swap eventually. I just have to hold on to them for a while before I can let go.

Kathy - Slowly yet surely, you will get more and more new colors. I used to be a nudes ONLY girl.

Snapdragon said...

I would love to try Space Cadet, it looks pretty in the picture, anyway.

DesertNails8 said...

Great article title! I've done the same thing way too many times! Also, when the nice gals at Sally's Beauty ask me to wait for them and they run into the back and bring out the latest, I can't help but get excited and buy a bunch. Nowadays I try them on within a day of purchase and return them the next day if they don't work out. I still have way too many polishes but I'm giving a bunch away to a friend this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I like the first one:)

maisenzasmalto (smALtY) said...

:-D I do this, too!!!

Jo said...

Hahaha! I do that too, no worrries. Thanks for the swatches, all beautiful colours ! :)

Beck said...

Oh, I'm sooo glad there are other nail enthusiasts out there who aren't into blues, and didn't find Space Cadet terribly wearable or likable. I feel like an old fart reading nail websites sometimes.

Donna said...

I like Lunar Eclipse and think I'd be happy to have that one on my nails. Probably Paradoxal too, if it wasn't so expensive. There is no way in hell I am paying over $20 for a nail polish. Not unless it's 24 karat molten gold. So I'm wondering if those Chanels are the ones you kick yourself for getting the most. Especially since you could have gotten a Rescue Beauty Lounge, Lippmann, Illamasqua, etc that you really love if you're gonna spend the big bucks.

Piff said...

Snap - you should try to swap for it on MUA!

Desert - If I wasn't such a lazy person I'd return half the polishes I buy.

L - The swatch is pretty!

maisen, Jo - I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Beck - I actually love blues, I'm just not crazy about these 2. Ya I think Space Cadet is one of those ones that really cool, but not particularly flattering or chic.

Donna - I kick myself the most when I buy polishes in bulk on a whim. It's just a mindless, needless spend-binge.

Donna said...

Oh I hear that. "But it's a great sale!" then you get them home and realize you don't really like them, or they're similar to others you've got. I've had some great hauls in the past few months, sales-wise that is. But I've decided that I'd rather have one or two things I love than many things I'm "meh" about. Something about seeing or hearing --clearance, sale, or bargain-- is a siren song for me and I'll go out and do it again.

One bulk haul I'm not sorry about, I bought a bunch of Sally Hansen Lacquer Shines on ebay. I love those and they're discontinued.

Silva said...

I personally love duochromes, so I love Space cadet. But the rest of them, I don't like that much. Especially Paradoxal. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like it. Which is weird, since I love purples usually.

ReaderRita said...

Oh, but I LOVE the Paradoxal. I thought I'd hate it, and that it would be just another Chanel that I didn't need, so I didn't bother with it. But now, having seen it on other people, I am so mad at myself for not getting it!
It looks great on you! You should really give it a second chance! It is so subtle and "rainy day in London-ish", and has such depth!
Really, I think that they all look pretty great on you. But I know how it is- you know that you'll never ever wear them again, and they sit there, mocking you...

Piff said...

Donna - A good ebay haul can be REALLY satisfying. Well done!

Silva - Paradoxal: definitely an acquired taste.

Rita - My dear, Paradoxal is a permanent color. You can get it on Chanel's website any time!

Lucy said...

They are all so pretty. It's so odd that some polishes really affect you differently. Others think they look wonderful on you. For some reason you just don't look right to you. I was very disappointed when I had gotten some Barielle pollishes. I saw them on others and I just wasn't crazy about them when I saw them.

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