Monday, October 11, 2010

Essie Power Lunch - My new favorite nude

(2 coats)

I seriously want to punch the air with this one. Just punch the air in its flabby stomach. God this rocks. It's a sheer peach nude, instead of your prevalent pink (good for my yellow-brown skin, perhaps?). Like Vanity Fairest (another Essie nude fav) it has a soft and subtle shimmer.

At first I was seriously annoyed with TransDesign for sending me a heavily evaporated bottle until I bought a backup of this color. Turns out the one TransDesign sent me was a black-label. The newer bottle is a blue-label and the color is rather different. It is more sheer, bottle color is slightly pinker, and the shimmer creates a fine opalescent finish rather than just a wisp delicate shimmer. Ick.

(From left to right: blue label 1 coat, blue label 2 coats, black label 2 coats, black label 1 coat)

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Katherine said...

I hate how Essie changed colors that like when it went B3F! I bet the new one would be pretty on you too, though.

rmcandlelight said...

Not fair you keep making lemmings for me. I am in love with nudes right now and this one looks just awesome on you!! :D

Runs off to find the black label one :)

Jennifer Mayer said...

That looks beautiful on you! It's a shame there is a difference, though. Just figures - you find the perfect color, and they don't make it any more!

Zara said...

Ooh, very pretty! Too bad they changed the color. :(

Piff said...

Katherine - It is so annoying! Who knows how htf this color is now.

rmc - thanks dear! hope you find it!

Jennifer Mayer - That's always the way, especially with essie.

Zara - Thanks :)

Grace said...

Essie seemed to have a harder time than the other brands keeping their colors consistent in the formula change. I have bottles of Mademoiselle that you could tell apart from across the room they're so different.

If it's any consolation, the new bottle is quite pretty on you and seems much shinier.

Aurora's Nails said...

ugh, I hate when they change the color so drastically! I agree with Grace ^^^

This is a really nice, nude though. It might be too sheer for me though...

kittytokaren said...

This looks fantastic on you!!! Congrats on finding your perfect nude :)

2nd all the comments regarding the colour changing - I find it so frustrating!


Piff said...

Grace, Aurora - Actually the first two pictures are of the black label one. It's just that one is in the shade.

k2k - Thanks love!

Lucy said...

I'm not much of a nude polish wearer. It does give a very clean look. Very annoying when polishes differ like that.

Courtney said...

What's the difference between "black label" and "blue label?"

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