Sunday, November 7, 2010

Essie Wicked

It is what it says it is.

(2 coats)

My new favorite vamp.

Bless u, Essie.

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kittytokaren said...

*swoon* So gorgeous! So perfect!!

Grace said...

I'm more of a Sole Mate person, myself, (although Velvet Voyeur is getting to be my go-to) but this one is definitely a classic. Looks great!

Cherry Pullinger said...

Ohh I like it, I've never tried Essie polishes before, I really need to!

Adrienne said...

gah I keep seeing and hearing ppl rave about this. The more I see it, the more i want it!

Karla said...

Oh, nice!! That's in my pile of untrieds; it just got bumped up the list. :) I can't wait!

Piff said...

k2k - This one is your fault!

Grace - Thanks!

Cherry - Omg! When Essies are good, they are very very good. But! When they are bad, they are awful.

Adrienne - You can get it anywhere! Go for it next time you see an Essie display.

Karla - Let us know!

Lucy said...

Love every vampy polish I see. I have to stop myself from ordering them. Looks gorgeous on you.

Zara said...

Very pretty! I've heard many good things about this one.

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