Monday, January 24, 2011

China Glaze 2030 & China Glaze Party Hearty

Of the ones I got from this collex, this was my least favorite. The color didn't look great on me.

(1 coat)

Old Christmas mani anyone?

(1 coat 2030, 1 coat Party Hearty)

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April said...

This is so Beautiful!!!!

Silva said...

I like 2030! It's so pretty and metallicy :)

Deborah said...

Pretty combination :)! And love the shiny 2030.

tasha~ said...

I miss Holiday Manis!!!! Glad to see one more ;P

Arina said...

My question doesn't have much to do with this post, but I've been looking for a nice greenish dijon mustard color for quite a while and I finally found the perfect one in Aged Chartreuse by Strange Beautiful, but I can't seem to find it anywhere (unless it's a giant pack for 80 dollars, which I unfortunately can't afford =()
I saw a Sally Hansen in Forsythia on your blog, but that doesn't look very green.. So to make this long post short, do you happen to know of any color like that or will I be left all alone without my perfect nail polish for eternity?
Thanks for your help =)

Stephanie said...

Over gold is my favorite way to wear Party Hearty. Good call.

Piff said...

April - glad you liked!

Silva, Deborah - me too! I like hi-tek better though :)

tasha - ha np :P

Arina - I'm afraid I can't help you but flinty might :) She's the polish knowledge queen.

Ms Ann said...

If you ever want to sell the china glaze 2030 Id definitely be interested!! email me at any time :) thanks!!

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