Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Zoya Malia & OPI DS Diamond

Spring is coming right? Soon?

This is one of my very favorite spring-y colors (it's also in my Top 20 colors generally).

(2 coats)

A soft, pink-leaning purple. Perfection.

Another spring fav and Top 20 polish is OPI's DS Diamond

(2 coats)

I wore this for my graduation a couple years ago (omg so long ago).

Big fan of this one. The holo is super subtle. In fact the only time I've seen it come alive, including out in the sun, was in this random Korean bbq place. *shrugs*

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rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Malia is lovely on you. It makes me think of Orly's bon bon only it's a tad bit darker. Oh, I have to check my stash to see if I have DS, diamond. It's gorgeous :)

Adrienne said...

lol @ random Korean bbq

Courtney said...

LOVE Malia on you! I'm rocking a similar color in OPI Done Out in Deco. It's so refreshing after all this cold and snow! I need Malia for sure!

paint that nail said...

I really like the Zoya color! For the spring time I will have to go find a color like that. :)

Keke said...

I LOVE Malia! I am a purple fan, and Malia is one of my favorites :)

Rosie said...

Buying Malia RIGHT now! Love it!

Piff said...

rmc - find it! it's gorg

adrienne - so odd

courtney - DOiD is great too! it's a little bit dustier and cooler than Malia.

Paint that nail - def a fav zoya of mine

rosie - GOOD! the formula is great too.

Lucy said...

This is such a lovely shade of lavender. So pretty with the Diamond on top. I'm always suprised by the difference a holo makes on the base shade. I never think to wear it layered.

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