Monday, March 7, 2011

Essie Pound Cake

I've been shopping my stash a lot lately. I haven't felt the urge to pick up anything from any new collections and I definitely haven't caught crackle fever!

Worse still, I'm not changing my mani as frequently. I think this all has to do with winter. The dark gloominess is getting me down. Plus my apartment is SO DRY. I have a dinky little humidifier that isn't helping ("The humidifier...she does nothing!!!").

My father is from Jamaica and while I was born in Canada and I don't mind the cold, it's painfully clear my body does. My skin is so dry; it cracks, tears and gets so itchy. My nails are no different. They peel like madness and so I have to keep my nails super super short. (Yes I am moisturizing like crazy, don't even start with me!)

Because of that I've been gravitating towards the nudes in my collex. (I have both long and pudgy fingers; I find dark colors on my super, super short nails make my fingers look like kielbasas).

Anyway, my nails have grown out a bit from their shortest so I am feeling confident enough to show you a new favorite of mine.

I LOVE this color. I'd call this a very pale pink with a splash of beige rather than a straight up nude or even a pinky-beige. It's a beigey-pink, ya'll!!

The is one of those old school black labels and the formula went on opaque in two coats.

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APE said...

Wow Piff, I thought I was the only one that doesn't like the crackle polishes!

PerdyClaws said...

How about peige for pink and beige? I do get the climate issue. In Stockholm the winters are super dry which means my cuticles are so so sad. Every time I was my hands the die a little bit and also my nails are peeling like crazy!
I am really pale and a red head on top of that so I have a hard time with nudes, I am getting to like some of them. This is super cute on you. :)

Stacie said...

My nails have been terrible, I've been warming some olive oil and massaging it into my hands. I don't know if it will cure my nails but it feels lovely :-D
Thanks for showing something different :D
Stacie @kawaiinailart

Ashley A. said...

I've been using olive oil on my hands all winter, my nails look gorgeous now!

Nail Noir said...

The color is gorgeous on you! I tend to shy away from nudes but that one seems wearable.

kittytokaren said...

This colour is TDF on you!!! I'm still trying to get a hold of a bottle of it for myself!

Anonymous said...

I'm living the great Canadian winter too, so I hear ya about the dryness issues we face; even moisturizing hourly doesn't seem to make it better sometimes! This colour is stunning on it!

Piff said...

APE - honestly hideous but whatever, to each their own!

Perdy - PEIGE! Perfect. Have you tried a sheer nude as opposed to a creme nude? I'd bet you'd find something that could be fresh looking and look lovely with your complexion. (Essie has a million great ones)

Stacie, Ashley - 2 for olive oil!

Nail Noir - Nudes are wearable!! That's why they're "nude"

k2k - TD has it.

ommorphia - Thanks so much and ugh the dry air is killing me!

TheOleskaaa said...

Its beeeautiful but it was not easy to apply I believe. Essie pastels are very hard at it;/

Joanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joanna said...

absolutely gorgeous shade! i can't find it on the essie website! which number is it? :)

renee said...

Not into the crackle thing either, looks like something gone wrong, imho. Loving this nude/neutral on you. I just bought something similar and now I can't wait to try it! Do you take a multi-vitamin? I've found it has helped a great deal with the nail peeling situation.

Lucy said...

My nails are the length of yours. I also have the dryness and cracking problems. My peeling is just at the end of a few nails. I still might have to cut them again! I haven't been wearing dark colors for awhile. It kills me because they're what I love the most. Pound Cake is a pretty shade. I have many nude shades in my stash. I don't think I own this. Looks really pretty on you. Wish I had a long nail bed then my nails would look longer. No such luck! I had a wonderful shade from Revlon many years ago called Santa Fe Sand. Of course it's been gone forever. Just wish I had the bottle to try and match it up. It was just perfect and I used to get many compliments.

Tamara said...

This color looks great on you! I get really dry skin in winter too. There are a few products I like. I use Lush Lemony flutter when I need something rich. Sometimes, I'll treat myself to an pre-mani olive oil soak. My favorite is combining an buttery product with a rich lotion - I use a dab of Carol's Daughter body butter and follow up with the shea souffle. It's wonderful!

Piff said...

TheO - I didn't have much trouble with this one at all. It doesn't level as well as some but a slap of TC solved that.

Joanna - It's really old so I don't know if you would be able to find it on their website. I'd check e-tailers like Amazon or TransDesign.

renee - Great tip! I've got some biotin I'm too lazy/scared to take I'll scrounge it up.

Lucy - Long nail beds would be nice.

Tamara - I bet you're as soft as a kitten's tummy!

Musings from Manhattan said...

Wow, so pretty! My nails are so dry too. grrrrr.

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