Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sally Hansen Burgundy Child

Despite being one of my older polishes, I had never worn this one. Actually really like!

(2 coats)

Formula was really great. Nicely pigmented, flowed nicely, and dried nicely. Honestly, I think Sally makes some pretty legit polish. I'd have so many more if they picked one bottle, one brush, and just went with it. There's nothing I like more than my army of matching bottles.

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Geo58 said...

The color is gorgeous and looks awesome on your pretty nails; however, wondering if the no-chip test would actually last ten days as it says? On a different subject, Zoya.com has color spoons with their color polish already on them, could this color be placed on a "fake nail" and see if it does last ten days or not, LOL Just curious on how you could test the polish's durability without having to actually wear it ten days to conduct your own testing?


Mc Huggs :)

Indoor Kitty said...

Pifficles! I've been missing your manis! I do love how glorious this burgundy looks on you. I've got a question, what are your fave spring NOTD shades? I'm itching to dive into my coral collection but feel like I should wait for the spring rain to pass first. Most pastels look like death warmed over on me. What does a girl with tanned hands wear before Easter?

Lucy said...

Love that pretty burgundy. I don't believe any company that says there polish is no chip! Maybe if you did nothing and wore rubber gloves all the time. Most of us change our polish too fast to know if it's true.

Charlotte said...

LOL, an army of matching bottles. That produced a great mental image.

Love this color, very classy sexy.


Sia said...

Love the colour! x

Piff said...

Geo, Lucy - Ya I don't buy any 10 day no-chip test, and I'm too much of an addict to ever even want to try!

Indoor - Hi dear!! Fav spring-y shades? OPI Cajun Shrimp, Brucci Emmi and Olly Go Bananas (best yellow ON THE PLANET), Zoya Yummy (a near pastel blue, you could rock it like a star!). These days I'm feeling the hell out of oranges though, but I don't have any go tos yet.

Charlotte, Sia - I agree!

Lesley said...

this colour is so pretty on you. x

paint that nail said...

Very pretty color! I agree with Lesley it does go great with your skin tone. =)

Piff said...

Lesley, paint - Thanks both!

linneakjellberg said...

That is a beautiful color, very hard to find. At least I haven't found my ultimate burgundy but hey, never give up :)

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