Monday, April 4, 2011

Effect Nails 011

My stash shopping continues.

This one has been languishing in my miscellaneous drawer for quite some time. It was a lovely RAOK from the best MUAer ever.

Holos don't typically light my fire, scatter holos even less so.

So it just sat there. Meh.

(2 coats)

And yet... it's awesome isn't it? The color is superflattering (more oranges in 2011!!) and the polish is lively without screaming. The formula was good. No complaints. Glad I finally got to this one!

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Silva said...

Ooh, they sell these here in the Netherlands! Finally, an awesome color I can find near here :)

Geo58 said...

Hi k2k: !Your nails are always looking so awesome! I love the color shade on your nails, super-flattering! You must be getting loads of compliments, LOL Even the nail polish bottle looks so cool.

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

So lively and gorgeous as ever :)

Nail Noir said...

This is beautiful! I've never heard of this brand, but I'm really impressed by this shade.

Lesley said...

that's a really interesting polish. Suits you! x

Dandy112 said...

I really like the one! Very pretty on you. I need to start shopping my stash a bit more also.

Elsa P. said...

This shade is so beautiful!

Piff said...

Silva - That's where it came from!

rmc - thanks bella!

Nail N - Me neither - maybe it's Netherlands exclusive???

Lesley - Thanks!

Dandy - It's so rewarding and cheaper too!

Elsa - Agree!

Lucy said...

Lately I'm getting to see many brands that I've never heard of. This is a gorgeous holo. A pretty neutral shade.

Ladymorri said...

Can you tell me where to get this? I love it but can't seem to find it anywhere?

Piff said...

Lucy - I love random polishes from far away places!

Ladymorri - It would seem it's a brand available in the Netherlands

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