Monday, April 25, 2011

Illamasqua Baptiste

And with this polish I finished wearing everything in my miscellaneous drawer. Just in time for me to jump off my no-buy with a VENGEANCE.

(2 coats)

Formula on this one is legit. 2 smooth buttery coats, dried nicely.

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milan and vanaily said...

ah, so nice. I wished we had Illamasqua in Canada!

Johnna said...

Love these dark purple shades! I will be wearing them all Summer, even if they are out of season.

Courtney said...

Mmmmm LOVE me some Baptiste! Probably a top three for me! I'd marry Baptiste if I weren't aready married...and maybe if I were a nail polish! :-P

Geo58 said...

I have this shade, and love it! This is my first Illamasqua nail polish I actually ordered and love using; I purchased it because your friend Michelle was swatching it last year I believe and I just had to have it! LOL


Mc Huggs :)

Piff said...

milan - such a shame. But I kind of feel your pain as one of my biggest lemmings (Raindrops) is only available in the UK.

Johnna - Omg I think I wore more fall colors in the summer than in the fall!

Courtney - I hear it!

Geo - It's gorg!

Brenda said...

Baptiste is by far my fave purple. Love to top it with Clarins 230 ♥

Sminkan said...

Looks very pretty!

Sia said...

WOW!! What a cool colour. Love Sia x

(♥♥♥♥♥) Minty said...

I love this finish!

Piff said...

Brenda - Oooh I imagine that combo is gorg!

Sminkan, Sia - Thanks!

Minty - Me too

Lucy said...

Yep, this is the polish I have double of. Funny that this was the next post I read. Oh well at least I picked a beauty to buy double of. Looks gorgoues on.

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