Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nfu Oh Jellies

I bought 6 Nfu Oh jellies: three ~non-traditional~ colors and three classics.

Today are the non-traditional colors (i.e. the only colors you guys care about).

Teal Jelly JS-33

(5 coats)

This one was the most clear. 5 coats and it's still no where near bottle color. The VNL is much more visible in person. At 5 coats I was worried about dry time (not Nfu Oh strong suit, IME) so I slapped on an ultra thick coat of Diamont and bubble city!!! Hated this mani and it didn't dry great, quelle surprise.

Apple Green Jelly JS-17

(3 coats)

Ahhhh more reasonable coverage. I think we'd have full coverage, no vnl at 4 coats but I don't do 4 unless I HAVE to. And I thought the unbelievable squishiness of this one would be compromised if I went with any more coats.

This one dried a liiiittle bit fussy (a some bupples popped up after 20 minutes or so) but applied reasonably well and I got lots of compliments. Just look at that swatch! I want to drink that color it looks so juicy!

Raspberry Jelly JS-26

(3 coats - Warning - this one is a bit more purple IRL, also the smudge on the middle finger is the TC not the polish)

Formula-wise, this one was the star. It applied pretty evenly and dried nicely (though not speedily).

I bought colors based on the fabulous street swatches (which are wanting in terms of lighting) and I tried to guess at the more opaque jellies (I can live with VNL but I really don't like completely see through, which is JS-33). One was a failure but frankly I was quite pleased with the other two.

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(♥♥♥♥♥) Minty said...

Raspberry Jelly is my favorite I also love the Apple Green Jelly.

Geo58 said...

Love the Apple-Green Jellies and the name of the nail lacquer, "Nfu-Oh," LOL Love it.

paint that nail said...

I love the Raspberry Jelly its so pretty!

Sia said...

These colours are really different, I love the last one! Love Sia x

ChaosButterfly said...

I really want 33, but underwear would be in order.
I would love to see these with flakies on top.

Jette Fromm said...

As much as I love Nfu Oh, these are just a tad too sheer for me to wear as a manicure - I think they'd be great for layering with scotch tape, but the price is a bit too high for me at this point. Still, Rasberry looks great on you, such a juicy jelly!

cilucia said...

Loving that green apple coloured one!

Katherine said...

I like traditional colors! Looking forward to seeing those too on your cute nails :)

Lucy said...

These are all gorgeous. Love 33, shame it's so sheer. The other two are lovely and squishy.

Piff said...

Minty, paint that nail, Sia - I think the Raspberry jelly is the winner today!

Geo - Crazy name to say.

Chaos - ooooh I bet that would be NICE.

Jette - I'm actually a lover of jelly and can tolerate VNL is small doses but the teal jelly was just too sheer.

Cilucia - me too!

Katherine - They are coming! I just haven't worn them all yet!

Lucy - I agree. Big shame.

Sandi said...

Hey! I like them all, traditional or not.

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