Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chanel Mimosa

Why am I only showing three fingers? Because I dinged the index and refused to reapply.

Alright here:

(3 coats)

I think we all know this one has a soft shimmer and I'm really sorry I couldn't capture it for you working with the light I had.

Not happy with this polish. Poor formula, streaky, dull finish (no gloss/shine once dried), application was tough. However, it dried inexplicably quickly given how many coats were required.

I realize that yellows are harder to get right, but still the quality of this one was pretty disappointing.

P.S. Look at my brush! It was like a middle finger from Chanel.

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Ice Queen said...

The colour is pretty but for the price, I would expect the quality to be far superior to what it is. Also, the brush should be perfect; I certainly wouldn't expect to have to trim a brush in a twenty-three + dollar bottle of polish.

From all of the reviews I have read, I am not even interested in buying this colour.

When I ding my dentable polish, I wet my finger, smooth it gently as best I can then fill in the ding with the polish, do an all over coat and hit it with additional topcoat and that usually gives me a near invisible repair. Just be prepared to be careful for a while so it can all dry. :)

ilexica said...

Although I hate (hate hate) Chanel lacquers, that is really lovely on you. Although I would be bummed about the brush given the price.

elenaeris said...

it is a nice color, but I don't think it is the right one for my fair skin =P anyway, you can found cheaper nail polishes :( it costs a lot!

please visit my blog!

Sia said...

Wow, this colour is perfect!! x

maisenzasmalto said...

LOL for the "middle finger from Chanel".
Luckily I'm not into yellows so I'll skip this one without regrets ;-)

cilucia said...

LOL@the brush. Piff, this looks really bright on you! I love the dinged nail <3

NailNewbie said...

It is lovely on you, but for such an expensive bottle of polish I would return it if the brush was faulty! I always say yellow doesn't suit me (I know it doesn't in clothing) but in reality I'm just a bit scared of them...

Geo58 said...

It's sad because the color looks great on you. Why can't Chanel, given the price of the polish, have a new brush application, like OPI Super Pro brush? I love that about OPI, the brush spreads over the whole nail so it's just one, two, three and your done! This brush looks like the polish dried before you even applied it.

You still make the nail polish work for you, that's super.


Mc Huggs :)

Piff said...

Ice Queen - good tip thank you!

ilexica - I need to stop being blinded by that logo.

elena - I actually think this is a yellow that would look great on fair skin

Sia - not really!

maisen - good idea

cilucia - I'll try to do it more often for you

Nail - I did! I'm just waiting for the refund to show up on my statement. Chanel was actually really cool about it.

Geo - I spy my nails in your profile!

cilucia said...

@Geo58, haha you have Piff's nails as your avatar!! XD

Marta said...

Lol. "middle finger from Chanel". I'm not much into yellow polishes but have read MUCH about this polish. It is really nice to read from bloggers like you who don't give in to the hype, but give their own HONEST evaluation.

rins said...

Haha! I love your last picture! I am not fond of yellows. I don't think it suits my skin tone. But I do have 2 shades of yellow in my stash in case I need it for nail art. Thank you for an honest opinion on this polish. :)

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

Lol @ the middle finger from Chanel :D The color looks great, I was planning to buy until I read the application problem in this polish :/

Lucy said...

Your cracking me up with Chanel's middle finger! Your too funny. It's pretty but I won't be paying all that money for this shade. It's just not special enough.

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