Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zoya Maura

(2 coats)

SO happy with this polish. SO happy. A gorgeous mix of orange and red. It applied like a friggin dream and was smooth, glossy, and perfect in 2 easy coats. Lots of people complain about Zoyas not drying on them but I had 0, no, nada problems with this.

The color in the photo is not right, it's not quite SO searingly bright (tho it is really bright).

FYI - this is Maura after 4 days wear:

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d'Olivia said...

Great color on you. Orangey reds usually don't do well on me. I use Seche Vite over all my Zoyas (and everything else) and I have to drying problems. Their Hurry Up drops never worked for me.

jaybird said...

I love Zoya, and I love that color. Wow.Gorgeous.

A Polished Touch said...

Beautiful colour! :)

Caitlyn said...

this is a perfect example of a totally lovely color, that I could never pull off :(
it's the perfect red-orange, it looks really beautiful, I am admiring your nails - but if I wore it, it would be gross. :((
Makes me sad sometimes :(

Umm, I never had any problems with Zoyas drying time ... I use Poshe, Seche Vite, Nubar Diamont and Essie good to go (not all of them at once *g* I just grab a bottle of fast dry top coat at random, but these are the ones I have) and never had any problems with a zoya polish.

I DO have the drying problem with Sally Hansens, though.
Especially the beautiful ones from the Nail Prisms, the duochromes, but the other colors as well. If I use them as a topcoat over black, it's fine, but even then my nails take longer to dry.
If I use only Sally Hansen and need 3-4 coats, I'm able to dent the mani even after 1 or 2 days of wearing it *shrugs*

SH Turquoise Opal still is one of the most amazing polishes around, so sometimes I just think it's worth the hazzle *g*

You know, Maura looks really great on you ... hm. Maybe I'll give those orangereds another try. Maybe I just have to mature with them to pull them off *gg*

Toyomi said...

This is a perfect orange color. I love it !

Dandy112 said...

This looks great on you! Like some people have already commented Orangey reds dont look as great on me...maybe I will try again and purchase Zoya Maura with my next Zoya haul.

Apriltini said...

How the heck do you get good wear like that? My nails look like that after one day of wear. They'd look all beat up after 4. *envious*

Brenda said...

Ohhhh, what a beautiful shade. I'm thinking this would be gorgeous as a summer pedi on tanned toes. *note to self - must get Maura*

Piff said...

d'Olivia, Caitlyn, Dandy - All, I strongly urge you to try this one out. It's a bit softer in person.

jay, polished touch, Toyomi - I agree!

Apriltini - I don't know HOW I got such great wear (other than using a slow dry top coat). This color is incredible.

Lucy said...

Maura is one beauty. I hope I have this, I must check. I just ordered 10 Zoyas to get the two free ones. I do have a problem!

Crystal said...

Beautiful! Zoya always like a dream, IMO. I want Ulta to carry more Zoya!

cilucia said...

Woo, that is super hot on you, Piff!

Piff said...

Brenda - True!

Lucy - That's a ton of zoyas! Did you participate during the earth day promo! That's when I got this.

Crystal - They should!

Cilucia - Thanks dear!

augusta said...

i own maura and love it on me. orange-reds seem to be the only reds that look good on me.
kinda off topic- do you have any non orangey-reds in your collection that you love?

Piff said...

Essie's Limited Addiction (blue based with a touch of brown) or Bordeaux (a little too dark to be red, red though) are MAJAH.

Olivia Frescura said...

gorgeous red orange! you paint your nails so well. I'm like a hot mess. LOL

faerieberry said...

Piff. Your.nails.are.SO.cute!

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