Friday, June 10, 2011

Nfu Oh Jellies

Here are the other three Nfu Oh jellies I bought.

JS 09

(2 coats)

Color me pleased! Imagine my glee, 2 coats and I'm satisfied with the coverage. What is a pretty pink-leaning coral in the bottle really just pulls pink against my skin but I'm still ok. This one's a keeper!

JS 42

(5 coats)

I had to seriously mess with the photoshop in order to get this one even close to the reality. It is a red leaning brown, not a brown leaning red.

Given that I needed 5 coats to get it to acceptable coverage, I am shocked by how well this dried and without bubbles at that!

JS 04

(4 coats)

People on MUA have responded pretty well to swatches of this one but make no mistake, the formula on this one is a hot mess. Verrrrry gluey and does not level at all.

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steph_gem said...

I have been thinking about ordering some of the jellies. They have so many colors.

rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

These are so lovely on you. I need to put in an order. How did you get the white to look so good even though the formula was crappy?

Suz said...

lovely! they really dry up jelly-like :)

Elsa P. said...

I seriously love the last one *_* I really love white polishes, but white+jelly is the winner :D

Piff said...

Steph - They have SO Many colors - I kind of want them all.

RMC - It didn't look AS great in person. Photographing pure-whites accurately is hard because the light just makes the white glow and you can't see the flaws. It was more uneven in person than it looks here. I also used a thick dosing of the glorious Diamont.

Suz - they really do.

Elsa - It really is great.

Marta said...

The pink coral is STUNNING. All real pretty swatches :)

ChaosButterfly said...

That first one is sooo beautiful on you!
They're all nice, but that first one is wow.

ilexica said...

LOVE the top one!

Toyomi said...

These are gorgeous ! I need to purchase this brand of polish .

KimsKieNails said...

Ahw I LOVE the first color! Wow, it matches your skin colour so nicely! Beautiful!


Miss Blue said...

I love the pink one! It looks so squishy :3

Piff said...

All - the pink one IS the best one

Kelly said...

All of these are so pretty. Also, I love the length of your nails, I enjoy shorter nails, it seems like most people have long nails so it's nice to see shorter nails. (I have shorter nails as well). Been cruzing on your blog... been loving it(:

I am a new follower BTW ^_^

Nailderella said...

thanks for the swatches! I was looking for Nfu Oh jellies swatches!

Lucy said...

I'm not very fond of white & off-white polishes. Lately because of the white shatters I've been liking them more. These three are really pretty. Shame that was so difficult to apply.

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