Friday, June 3, 2011

Sally Hansen Fedora

Found this on eBay a little over a month ago, came in a set of 6 (all of last season's Tracy Reese colors plus Sequin Scandal) for pretty cheap.

Of course I wanted this because of the Cilucia's swatch, but what else is new. Her camera skills must be amazing because even in person, in the sun I didn't find Fedora to be quite so sparkly beautiful.

Sorry for the gooey cuticles! I failed to rub my Healthy Hoof in completely.

(2 coats)

I'm quite impressed with the formula. Very smooth, applied easily, dried quickly.

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jaljen said...

I don't recall seeing this before. I absolutely LOVE it and WANT it.

cilucia said...

Doh, sorry my swatches are so misleading LOL.

I think it looks great on you, though. I hate the stupid brush and stem on these SHs though... lord.

Hmmm I wonder if I should start checking ebay more regularly...!

Kathy said...

My Fedora did not look that good when I applied it. Every picture I see of this polish looks good except mine which looked dark and had a green tint to it. Wonder if mine was bad?

Toyomi said...

Nice shimmery nude.

Olivia Frescura said...


♥ Claire ♥ said...

I like :)

Geo58 said...

Gooey cuticles, love that comment and this polish. I am like Jaljen, "I absolutely LOVE it and WANT it..."

Lucy said...

Fedora is really pretty on you. I believe I have this. I'd have to go check my book but I'm too darn lazy. I really like Sally Hansen Salon polish. I just bought a bunch of new ones last week. I also found my perfect mannequin hands polish. It's from the latest collection and it's called Malt. I've never tried ebay. Guess I better dip a toe in.

Piff said...

jaljen - Really? Pick it up if you can find it. The formula is lovely.

cilucia - not to worry! I wasn't disappointed really. I was just like "oh..." lol You should check ebay! Sometimes you can find wins.

Kathy - Really? Maybe yours is bad.

Toyomi - It is.

Olivia - Agree.

Claire - I do too, but not as much as I thought I would.

Geo - lol glad you like.

Lucy - Congrats on mannequin! I haven't found mine yet in a perfect creme.

Natalie said...

Very pretty on you.
I love your nails, btw!

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