Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zoya Veruschka, Posh, Savita


(2 coats)

Wonderful formula. It's smooth, doesn't dry too quick, and is opaque in two easy coats. Plus a bonus over the first set of mattes from Zoya (Posh, Loredana, Dovima), the brush isn't nearly as floppy so the thicker, matte formula is easier to control.


(1 coat)

Posh is opaque in 1 coat but I use two. Base coat, 1 coat, slow dry top coat, 1 coat. This is how I get the most longevity.

(2 coats)

Who knew it was possible for a matte to be water-y, thick, and crumbly all at once? The formula on this is atrocious. But the color, oh the color, is glorious. There's something about it matte, the shimmer is captivating. Interestingly, with topcoat, I find the shimmer kind of disappoints; it is a lot less depth-y than you think it would be.

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Elsa P. said...

The last one is just gorgeous! :D

AmyGrace said...

I wore Veruschka two weeks ago and oh my.. I can't believe how pretty it is! It looks amazing on your nails, so does Savita. ♥

SwatchAndLearn said...

These all look perfect on you! And thanks for sharing your tip on layering the slow-dry top coat between the coats of colour. That's something I'll try. :)
- Mary

ilexica said...

Interesting tip on the sandwiching, it's something I do with chromes. What top-coat do you use?

themississippimama said...

Wow, those are gorgeous colors! I don't own a single matte yet, but I think Veruschka might have to be my first.

Toyomi said...

They are so beautiful . I like the purple one the best. I have yet to see a matte purple until today .

Courtney said...

Wow, your application on these is amazing!! These all look amazing on you, but I'm partial to Veruschka. She is one sexy beast! Top 20 for me, for sure! :-)

Suz said...

think these finishes are just amazing!

Dandy112 said...

These are favorite mattes from Zoya. I need to revisit Posh again.

linneakjellberg said...

Wow, I usually don't like this type of polish but I now see I have to think again! Very nice colors for your skin tone!

cilucia said...

I love Zoya Matte Velvets. I agree about Savita though, I thought it would have more depth like Verucshka or Harlow..

Piff said...

Elsa - The color is phenomenal

Amy - Veruschka is quite impressive

Swatchand - Glad you like the tip

ilexica - Random, but I *really* like the BBCouture Top Rock Top Coat

themiss - It's fav

Toyomi - There are a few out there!

Courtney - Thanks (clean up!)

Suz - They are wonderful

Dandy - me too, I just purged the other two from Zoya that I had (Loredana and Dovima) - GIVE ME COLOR

linne - thanks

Cilucia - It's weird right? It looks like it would glow, but it really is best without top coat, unlike Posh or Verush (which are AMAZING with top coat)

Geo58 said...

I want the gorgeous green Matte Veruschka and the stunning violet Savita, the Matte makes them like glass, amazing so is the red color but these far outshine the red, but maybe not...it's hard to tell, OK I will take all three, LOL

Lucy said...

That's a wonderful hint for longevity! Thanks. I love Zoya's mattes. They're my favorite mattes. These three colors are gorgeous.

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