Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sally Hansen Evening Fog

(2 coats)

Holy crap, I'm upset I avoided the Sally Hansen Complete Salon polishes for so long (hate the bottles) the formula is tdf. This was so creamy and smooth; perfect in two coats.

Love this color, so few taupes look good on me. This one works because (1) it's really light (so it doesn't compete with my skin color) and (2) it leans green heavily as opposed to being more of a mushroom/brown (so it doesn't clash with my skin tone).

I liked it so much when I wore it, my brain started whispering, "back up!"

But, I'm in the middle of a stash cleanse at the moment. I have 30 untrieds and an almost full helmer. So I can't actually buy a back up, and I forced myself to go through my collection looking for near-dupes.

(2 coats)

This is Sand Tropez, obviously it's way off. Unsurprisingly, the formula was classic watery Essie.

(2 coats)

This is Skull & Glossbones. Formula-wise, this was the most comparable to Evening Fog. It was lovely and creamy. Color isn't right though, this is much more grey than Evening Fog; there's just less color in it.

(3 coats)

Playa Del Platinum is the closest color. It's just a touch less green. The formula was really watery and needed 3 coats.

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Anonymous said...

Evening Fog is gorgeous. I have been looking for a very pale pistachio green (as opposed to a mint green), and this might be it. Any other recommendations for my quest?

Brainless Housewife said...

I'm glad you did this, I would have never tried this color. I'm leary of taupes because of my skin town as well. My local drugstore is having a BOGO sale on all Sally Hansen products, going to go grab some asap!

jennifer said...

Oh I love that Sally Hansen polish, it's one of the best polishes I've tried. I do wish they had a bigger selection but what they do have i have loved :) commander in chic is my fav ;)

Dot & Lil said...

wow I am LOVING that color! On the buy list for this week. And glad to know that's a good formula.

Silva said...

That is gorgeous! It's what I wish the OPI was.

Kelly said...

I have an Evening Fog that I've know I haven't used to swatch more than one or two nails, maybe 2 times.It's just not my color (and I have wet cement, eel skin, and commander in chic, among others.) I'll gladly swap you for...I don't know- any SH complete mani line or essie that I don't have, or a nice jelly or whatever you're looking to get rid of. Shoot me an email if you're interested.

Piff said...

Krystal - ChG Groovy Green, BB Couture Laguna Lagoon, Brucci Sheri's Pistachio Creme

Brainless - I hope you can find it!

jennifer - All I wish is that they had a different bottle :)

Dot - Glad you like!

Silva - Wow really? Cool.

Kelly - No worries Kelly, I'm happy with my almost-backup of Playa Del Platinum. I'm trying to get rid of polish, not get more!

Olivia Frescura said...

gorgeous colors!

Lucy said...

I hated the bottle at first but I'm used to it now. Love the shade on you. I've been buying more drugstore polishes lately. I like Sally Hansen's brand. I'm glad I bought this.

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