Monday, September 5, 2011

My favorite manis this summer

Thumb = H&M Moody Model (2 coats)
Index = Strangebeautiful Volume 4 (2 coats)
Middle = American Apparel Malibu Green (2 coats)
Ring = China Glaze For Audrey (3 coats)
Essie = Mint Candy Apply (3 coats)

Neither the Strangebeautiful nor the American Apparel actually needed 2 coats.

Thumb = Illamasqua Rampage (3 coats)
Index = H&M Moody Model (2 coats)
Middle = Inglot 710 (2 coats)
Ring = Urban Outfitters Taxi (2 coats)
Pinky = Inglot 806 (3 coats)

Thumb = Essie St. Lucia Lilic
Index = OPI Done Out In Deco
Middle = OPI Do You Lilac It
Ring = Inglot 709
Pinky = Strangebeautiful

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katarzyynka said...

i love your nails !
xox from poland :*

eleni said...

i love this ombre style for the nails

KarenD said...

Love them all!

Beauty on a College budget said...

I love the 'I lilac you' and 'for audrey' really pretty colors!

Alexisaurus said...

I love the manicure and your nail shape!!! Your pictures are super crisp!!


The Lacquered Lady said...

How fun! I'm digging your blue color palette on that first one!

greeneyespinknails said...

I love #1 and #3. Did a few of those this Summer as well!

imfeelingnail-venturous said...

Love all of them! Great post!

Lesley said...

They're all lovely!

Lucy said...

Love all the different shades you've used. My nails are super duper short so I've only been wearing neutrals. Maybe I'll try something darker. I find it so much harder to paint my nails when they're so short! Polish gets all over.

Piff said...

katarz, Alexisaur, imfeelingnail, Lesley - Thanks so much!

eleni, KarenD, Beauty on a, Lacquered Lady, greeneyes - me too!

Lucy - Try it!

Jessica said...

Hi Piff,

I love love AA Malibu Green, in fact I own it but I'm not joking MONTHS later my nails are still stained greenish blue! Do you have this problem with it too or does a good base coat solve that problem? I change my nail polish so often that I don't bother with a base coat but if it means I can wear Malibu Green again I'd love to hear your recommendations!


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