Monday, October 31, 2011

China Glaze Agent Lavender

(2 coats - first photo is much more color accurate)

So I figure everyone's posting Halloween manis. How 'bout a palate cleanser? Like a plate of crudité on a buffet table full of pastry and fried snacks, you're surprised at how much you're happy to see it.

A bit chalky but applied fairly smoothly and was good in 2.

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eleni said...

wow i love that color! xx

Krissy said...

Very pretty. I know I own it. Can't remember if I've ever worn it.

Glad to know it's that opaque in 2 coats. :)

beachgal said...

It's hard to find these shades and not have them be chalky.

Sia said...


Anonymous said...

I am on the same wavelength--wearing OPI's Kyoto Pearl. Feels really good.

Lucy said...

A palate cleanser is funny! True that it is refreshing. I bought quite a lot of polish from Trans Design last week. I have a manicure of skittles. I need more fingers to try them all out.

Piff said...

eleni - for me, i wish it was a bit more purple

krissy - it's a bit forgettable.

beachgal - true.

sia - thanks.

josefinal - hahaha yesssss. nuts to the theme manicure!

lucy - i haven't purchased from transdesign in so long. miss them.

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