Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nfu Oh 119

Over my several month purge effort, I've gotten rid of well over half of my Nfu Ohs. I either had dupes, the formula was deplorable, or I wasn't feeling the color enough to see myself ever wearing it again.

This one was the first in the keep pile. I love an almost black. This is a particularly good one because the base color (which you see in the first coat) is a vibrant cobalt blue. It gives the mani a glow even though the ultimate color is very dark.

(3 coats)

This is three coats but I actually wore it as just two (I sloppily applied a third coat because there was two days wear and I didn't feel like showing off my tip wear). It dried very well (unlike the majority of my Nfu Ohs).

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Fingers said...

Oh how I love these dark jellies!!!

Nailderella said...

it looks amazing!

Lucy said...

Love this shade. Looks like a polish I have from Bath & Body Works. It's a small bottle that isn't made anymore. I'm always looking for a dupe. This may be it!

Piff said...

Fingers - Me too :)

Nailderella - Thanks :)

Lucy - B&B polish? I did not know!

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