Tuesday, November 8, 2011

China Glaze Rated Holographic

(2 coats)

This applied so nicely but alas the color is a little too close to my skin color it just sort of it blah. Chipped really quick, which isn't a surprise I suppose.

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Anna Elizabeth said...

Ooh, pretty! I really like this! And I'm not a huge glitter/holo person either, so me liking this polish is a big deal haha.

beachgal said...

Not good news. I have this one in the mail as I write. I finally decided to get a couple of the Kaleidoscope CG's just to see what I had missed and what all the ooohs and aaaahs have been about. Wonder if it would darken up if you used a deeper pink polish as a base coat to this?

Polish and Charms said...

I love the color, too bad it chipped really soon though!

Lucy said...

I don't usually have polishes on long enough to chip too badly! I loved the whole holo collection from China Glaze. I just wish they'd release another one. I'd order the whole collection.

Anonymous said...

I really dig this! I am glad I have it!

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