Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The day I decided to torture k2k (Part 1)

KittytoKaren came to stay with me in NYC! I was super happy to have her and we had an awesome time. We ate delicious turkish food, I found some awesome clothes at Joe Fresh wandering around the city, and she made herself a very beautiful custom palette from Inglot.

But far and away my favorite activity was forcing her to swatch colors she would never voluntarily wear.

The horror!!!

Every swatch is 2 coats.

Emerald Sparkle

(2 coats)

This polish is actually in my Top 20. But k2k curled her nose up when I excitedly pulled it out. Doesn't it look good on her???

Claire's Yel

I actually think this looks amazing on her (though it could use another coat) but she hated this one the most. I understand - there's holo glitter, there's a flash, there's turquoise. It's a lot to take.

China Glaze Let's Do It in 3D

This one was her favorite. Probably because it was the dustiest. But K2K doesn't like holos because they make her "seasick". Whatevs.

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Nicole Dominguez said...

Oh my! That Let's Do It in 3D is such a nice color! *want*

Ashesela said...

All of these polishes are gorgeous!! What a funny story! XD

kellyyes said...

lol how funny. what a trooper for trying on polishes she hates. i think they look lovely, but i agree, holos can be a lot to take in haha.

Lucy said...

Holos make K2K seasick? Strange & funny. They all look pretty on her. Emerald Sparkled is a favorite of mine also.

mrscolorme said...
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mrscolorme said...

I totally feel her... I'm not a fan of glitter at all. That was really nice of her to do it for you

Chelsea said...

Haha I love that holos make her seasick. I think these all look great on her though-but then again, I love glitter. She needs to come over to the sparkly side!

MissDoll said...

So fun, I did something similar to my sis, before she used only cream finish but now she can't go whit out some sparkles or glitters ;)

flinty said...

HAHAH. That's fantastic. All of it. And they all look marvelous on her!

Anonymous said...

ooooh poor k2k! I understand her feeling towards holos. I can also only wear them for a couple of hours! :)

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