Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wet n Wild Believe Me It's Real (Ice Baby) over Orly Stone Cold (Holiday 2011)

Wet n Wild Believe Me It's Real over Orly Stone Cold

I've seen photos of this Wet n Wild and it looks like that it does get opaque but I got really bored of my Stone Cold mani and didn't feel like taking it off. Lots of lazy layering. It made my nails seem HUGE though: between the basecoat, two coats of Stone Cold, one layer of topcoat, three layers of Believe Me It's Real, plus two more layers of topcoat... pretty thick by the end of this process. Extremely sparkly blue glitter with some purple hex glitter mixed in. 

I found most of the Ice Baby nail polishes at my local Walgreens... but not all of them (and that makes me sad because I really wanted Diamond in the Rough). And there MUST MUST MUST be some nail polish blog (or NB) enthusiasts in my neighborhood because the cashier at Walgreens told me that people were in asking for these polishes before they were released (and pretty much snapped up most of the display immediately). I wish I had some nail polish friends locally so I could go a-huntin' and a-paintin' with 'em. 

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Miz_Em said...

Pretty! I still haven't made it to a Walgreens yet to look for these.
I live in (upstate) NY & wish I had a polish fiend, I mean, friend to hunt with too.

Anonymous said...

its so lame that those walgreens polishes are limited edition!!! i didnt end up with any :(((

Deborah - Love. Varnish, chocolate and more... said...

I really like it but so many coats of polish can be annoying.

The Beauty and The Business said...

Lucky you found some! I've been to a few different stores looking for them and they display has been picked clean! The polishes are flying off the shelves!

Sia said...

AMAZING colour. x

Lucy said...

Love that glitter! Glitter is great for hiding mistakes & chips.

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