Saturday, January 14, 2012

Purge-Swatch Extravaganza

Last weekend, I sat down and photographed my purge pile (blog sale coming soon-ish) and noted that I hadn't ever posted up photos of a lot of the colors I was getting rid of. I decided to do some quick and very dirty swatches. These are the results:

Eyeko Pastel Polish

(3 coats)

Why I'm purging: That should be fairly obvious.

Icing My Blue Heaven

(2 coats)

Why I'm purging: This color was advertised to me as being a dupe to MAC's Blue India. It most certainly is not. While the formula is good, this blue leans blurple, which always looks weird on me.

Eyeko Pretty Polish

(3 coats)

Why I'm purging: That should be fairly obvious.

Revlon Streetwear Scheming or Burnt (I can't remember)

(2 coats)

Why I'm Purging: I found this and shipped it to a friend but not asking her if I could decant some of it. But I've never worn it. It's cute but eh idk.

Brucci Grape Galaxy

(2 coats)

Why I'm Purging: My purple shimmer faze has come and gone.

China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses

(2 coats)

Why I'm Purging: This is just soooooo not me.

A! Raisin

(2 coats)

Why I'm Purging: I actually really like this color and the formula is pretty good (though, a bit chemically) - but I have too many almost-dupes to keep it around.

Nails Inc. The Donmar

(1 coat)

Why I'm Purging: I'm not a flaky girl and I already have 2. In fact the 2 others I own are on the bottom two fingers (the ring finger is Inglot and the pink is Nfu Oh). Each shows one coat of flaky and the Nails Inc. is not worth replacing one of the two. The flakes are smaller and way less dense. Boo.

ButterLondon (missing a label, I've been told "Royal Navy")

(2 coats)

Why I'm Purging: (1) I own this color already a thousand times over and (2) I wore it on my toes and it chipped off in days.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door 11

(2 coats)

Why I'm Purging: I'm not purging Ruby Red Ruby yet (calm down) I just remember that my girl RMC had requested a swatch of RRR over a warm red and Red Door 11 is undeniably a tomato red. It's also undeniably old, gloopy and full of chemicals.

Lynnderella All Hallow's Eve

(2 coats)

Why I'm Purging: This is just soooooo not me.

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Lucy said...

Poor unwanted polishes. There are some nice ones.

Frosso said...

way to tease with ruby red! :P

beachgal said...

Thanks for giving up reasons why...I often wonder. I need to build my own blog just so I can run blog sales on my dupes, kissin' cousin colors, just not me like you say etc. I desperately need to thin my stash down - no room for me to buy new ones and I cannot kid myself to think that will happen.

ilexica said...

Love the nails inc and the icing - I'll keep an eye out for the sale ;)

cilucia said...

lol, I almost had a heart attack when I saw RRR XD!!! I purged All Hallow's Eve too.

alovelyblush said...

Will be stalking for your blog sale, like that Nails Inc, Icing, and the Lynnderella ;)

Piff said...

Lucy - There are but I have too many.

Frosso - Sorry about that. Misguided attempt to kill two birds with one stone.

Beachgal - I can imagine people wonder. Really it's just that I have too damn many!

ilex - LOL just shoot me an e-mail dude. I can send them to you now.

ciluc - Lol. sorry!

alovely - yay!

Leah Schwartz said...

I can't wait to see your blog sale <3 looking out for the lynderella polishes :D

Marsha said...

i love that icing color!

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