Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sally Hansen Touch of Mink

(2 coats)

Ayayayay, I really apologize for the swatch quality on this one. This was after a few days wear. Should have refreshed with a TC before photographing.

This just goes to show that I can't judge a book by its color (badum cha). I held the bottle up to my nails countless times and shriveled my nose at the prospect. I was CERTAIN that it would clash with my skin.

Well it dried much darker than the bottle color and worked wonderfully. Yay another taupe that works for me!

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Ashesela said...

I think this polish is very pretty and works lovely with your skin!! :D

MrsColorMe said...

loving this color!!!

Polish and Charms said...

I love that color! I need to find that one!

Lucy said...

Love this shade of taupe. I have this beauty. Looks wonderful on you.

Piff said...

Thanks all!

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