Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nails Inc. Chelsea

(2 coats)

Believe it or not, this isn't black. It's very very very dark red.

OPI How's It Snowin

(2 coats)

Throwing in this mani as an extra since the chips make it unacceptable. I LOVE this color. The glitter is so dense and k2k makes it looks flawless. However, the wear is horrible. This was taken less than 12 hours later. It's not a surprise, super dense glitters chip like crazy, but be warned: beauty fades.

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The Lacquer Tracker said...

Both look lovely on you. And as much as I love dense glitters, I hear you on the chippage- it drives me crazy. I was loving those Nails Inc 3D glitters, but they chip within 8 hours of application! Frustrating. I wonder if layering them over a creme base would help?

Lucy said...

That polish sure does look black! Must look much better in person. That glitter is intense. Gorgeous. I wanted to buy this but I have so many glitters. I don't even mind removal.

Michelle said...

OPI Lecerne-tainly Look Marvelous is a good alternative to How's It Snowin' and it wears incredibly.:)

ilexica said...

I really like the look of the very very dark red. Although it did remind me of this:

Piff said...

Lacquer TRacker - I think you're right. Layering them would help. But then I wouldn't wear them! :(

Lucy - No it pretty much looks black in person too. haha.

Michelle - While I agree they are both sparkly charcoals, I wouldn't say they are similar polishes at all. The finishes are completely different. But I do like how LLM wears too!

ilexica - Boo I can't watch it!

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