Thursday, February 2, 2012

Neon Red

(2 coats)

The Neon Red promised from American Apparel was a misnomer. The true color: Imagine a neon pink that is not a bright, screaming bubblegum pink; it's more subdued and a bit darker and has a touch of orange in it. Like a very pink-leaning neon coral. That's what American Apparel's Neon Red was.

That's not to say it isn't a great polish. A wonderful, smooth formula that dries to a satin finish rather than the chalky matte. It applies nicely and is even in two coats.

(2 coats)

Now this is a neon red if I do say so myself! This is a franken I made by mixing about 50% neon orange (traffic cone orange) with 50% a classic fire engine red jelly.

I forgot I had this. Can't wait to break out this summer.

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beachgal said...

I really like the AA Neon Red - and it looks fab on you! I like the lean to pink.

Lucy said...

Like your franken much better. The American Apparel sure doesn't look red.

Kiera said...

I have to say I quite love the AA neon red. So much so that I was shocked when I was cruising through my blog updates on bloglovin, and came upon this post just as I was holding it in my hand while waiting for a coat to dry! weird.

Anyway, I've been using this as an accent colour quite a bit, and although I do love it, I would have to agree that it certainly doesn't look red.

nailsbybellan said...

If you want a red neon I recommend Misa Bikini with a martini or China Glaze Rose among thorns. Personally I prefer the first one formula-vise.

Piff said...

beachgal - I like it too! thanks

Lucy - it really doesn't.

kiera - haha awesome!!

nailsbybell - thanks for the tip! keeping my eyes peeled for either.

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