Monday, February 6, 2012

To Keep Or Not To Keep

I'm on the fence about these two - the colors bore me a bit but the formula on both are so beautiful (almost one-coaters) that I can't let them go that easily.

CND Indian Rhubarb

(2 coats)

Deep red with a touch of brown.

Essence Green Grass

(2 coats)

This isn't a boring color per se. But I just have SO many colors like it. But I don't have any exact dupes unfortunately. If I did, I'd get rid of whatever is in my stash and replace it with this because the formula is perfect.

So what do you think? Get rid of them both in my continued bid to shed the polish pounds?

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Fashion Footing said...

I'm a polish hoarder so this is hard... I'd be able to get rid of the red much easier because I don't wear reds often but the teal.... that's a gorgeous color. I guess I would see how many colors you have that are similar and go from there. If it's less than 5, I'd keep it... gosh, I really am a polish hoarder! LOL

Gina Marie said...

Honestly, I just can't see getting rid of any polish. But then again, I am a pack rat. I've posted some swatches where all I did was complain about them. But did I get rid of them? No! Because I know that as soon as I do, I will NEED that color for something. LOL You never know...

Anonymous said...

Last week I got rid of 10 polishes because I didn't wear them even once or they were just too old.
But those two look really nice, I definitely wouldn't get rid of the red one, but that's because I really like reds :)


OPI Addict said...

I'm bad, I even keep polishes I hate! Would you be giving them away or just throwing them out?

beachgal said...

The teal is major boring; I agree on that one. The CND red is nice - I would look careful at what other reds you have. This one looks like it might be one of those exceptional creams. Also, it's got a tish of brown it looks like making it a little more interesting. But, if it's not a GREAT cream - I vote donate. I take my needs new home polishes to the women's shelter - they love getting this kind of stuff.

Silva said...

Keep it! You´re going to regret it if you don´t - trust me, I know T.T

BluMochi said...

The red is beautiful; I'd say keep!

MariJo said...

I would say to keep them both. Especially the red! You can never have too many reds, never!

TA said...

As long as you have the room to spare, keep them both!

cilucia said...

Ditch both if you won't miss either of them! :)

Lucy said...

Always keep the one with the best formula. If it's such a special color or formula, keep it. Otherwise if you can do it, get rid of it.

Jo said...

Ohh, I really do love the blue <3

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Piff said...

Fashion - I used to hoard just like you!

Gina - I've had that happen, but rebuying isn't as painful as I thought. And I've gotten rid of so many that the occasional one I need to get back ended up not being such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Pat - Love reds too!

OPI - I never throw out. I sell/swap/give away.

beachgal - omg that is SUCH a good idea. I've been loving your comments!

silva - haha. noted.

bluMochi - I think the red is winning here :)

marijo - the red is really really winning!

TA - but then I may not have room for new polishes when it comes time to buy them!

cilucia - I think I'm gonna do a dupe double check thing once I go through all my american apparels. i'm almost certain this teal is close to SOMETHING. surely.

lucy - this is my exact philosophy!

jo - the formula BLEW MY MIND

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