Thursday, March 1, 2012

OPI Speak For Your Elf

(2 coats Ruby Pumps, 3 coats SFYE)

This is not just a swatch of OPI's Speak For Your Elf (from the Ulta Holiday Exclusive last year). It's also a swatch of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. It's such a dupe that I don't actually remember which two fingers have the China Glaze and which two have the OPI. Can you tell?

The 3 key ways in which the OPI is not worth it:
- Total dupe
- the OPI needs 3 coats versus CG's 2 coats for the same opacity
- it's more expensive and harder to get

The end.

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Marias Nail Polish Blog said...

That most certainly is a dupe, thanks for sharing!

Anne Thompson said...

Wow, you could never tell the difference! Such a great polish, I'll make sure to pick up CG instead!

beachgal said...

SOOOOO glad it's a dupe as we don't have an ULTA for more than 400 miles. I did not miss anything by not tracking this one down last Xmas. It really is a dupe!

MissAdelinne said...

It's a dupe for sure but this colour is amazing!

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Toyomi said...

This kind of reminds me of ruby pumps from china glqze.

Piff said...

Marias - NP!

Anne - You need to.

beachgal - It is. Totally missable.

MissA - true :)

Toyomi - orly???

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