Friday, March 23, 2012

Zoya Yara

(2 coats)

SUCH a good formula on this. I had been wanting this one for a while.

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Elaine said...

Really pretty, Piff! Love the shimmer against that shade of green! :-)

The Lacquer Tracker said...

Gorgeous combination! I remember wavering on this when it first came out... I should have picked it up! It looks great on you.

Leisel said...

This one's on my wish list, too.Iwasallexcited last time I was in Ulta to find it (and another on my list) in the discount bin. I snatched them up and carried them around the store while I was looking at all the other polishes, until I realized that they had marked them "down" to $8... which is the normal price for them. Boo!

Niki said...

i really need to buy myself from zoya polishes! pretty color!

Mer said...

Looks lovely with your skintone :)

beachgal said...

So glad if this is one you wanted for some time that it came your way now. It's a great shade. I ended up buying the entire Mirrors side of Smoke & Mirrors last fall shortly after they came out - I was gaga over them - and still today think that was the best of all fall collections (well SpaRitual was pretty amazing too)...but out of the more main stream lines - S&M from Zoya as a hands down fav of mine! This one really looks great on you!

Piff said...

Elaine - Agree, the shimmer here is gorg.

Lacquer Tracker - You can still pick it up!

Leisel - Boo indeed. But this one is worth the $8 if you ask me.

Niki - They are a fave brand of mine.

Mer, Beachgal - Thanks.

Indoor Kitty said...

I love it. I think the gold shimmer inlaid with the olive gives it an extra oomph. And makes me crave a sari of the same shade.

And I only own one sari as I am far too clumsy to be wrapped up in a graceful sheet without tripping/tearing/becoming undone within ten minutes.

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