Sunday, April 8, 2012

American Apparel Berry

(2 coats)

I don't know why people don't like berry colors. They are the BOMB. They are so flattering and so pretty and they look great on every skin tone. We should all have at least one!

For the berry-color virgins, may I suggest American Apparel Berry? The formula is fab. It's saturated and leans red so it's not mouse-y or too safe. Would the appropriate UK phrase be "it's quite full on"?

Anyway, any of you ladies out there have a holy grail berry color?

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Anonymous said...

This red is gorgeous. I may need to track it down for myself.

It's not exactly a holy grail, but I'm quite fond of my newest purchase, Ulta Salon Formula's Grin and Berry it. It's more of a dark shimmery pink berry though.

sandipalien said...

I just put mine on yesterday! Great minds think alike :P

The Lacquered Lady said...

Gorgeous! I picked up three of these AA polishes when I was near an AA store, but wish I had snatched up some more.

ilexica said...

That's about the sum of it in British phraseology!

I could say it's the dog's bollocks, too...

HappytPumpkin said...

I have a berry I love, and your right it always makes me feel so elegant when I wear it. Its so Perfect with my skin. Its a dark red from Gap.

Niki said...

berry colors are beautiful!!! this is lovely!

Piff said...

Violet - Oooh thanks for the tip!

Sandi - indeed :)

The Lacquered - Go back. GO BACK.

ilexica - lol thanks for the confirmation.

Happy - they are a great way to wear red without seeming like you're ***WEARING RED!!!***

Niki - agree :)

Adrianna said...

This is my holy berry grail! So pretty.

Katy said...

I kind of feel the same about berry. It's more flattering on me than red.

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