Wednesday, April 4, 2012

American Apparel Hunter

(2 coats)

The first set of colors American Apparel came out with are still the most perfect. And this is my favorite. It's a green so adult, so chic that it's arguably work appropriate.

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Grace said...

This is a really pretty green. Granted, I don't work in an especially conservative environment, but unless I was meeting with my dean or a job candidate, I would totally wear this color to work. I'd wear vampy or dark non-traditional colors before I'd wear a neon or glittery polish in a more traditional shade, like pink.

sandipalien said...

I was totally considering Hunter yesterday when I was doing my nails...I'm glad I have it :)

Rach said...

This is stunning on you! I think I can content myself with Orly Enchanted Forest, but I agree -- the first set of AA polishes is my favorite. :)

SeeSarahSwatch said...

it looks really great on you! this color has such a great formula too.

Nina said...

Beautiful colour!

Piff said...

Grace - Totally agree

sandipalian - definitely a must in any collection

Rach - Ya EF is close enough.

SeeSarah - Thanks :)

Nina - Agree :)

Lacquer and Lashes said...

So pretty. I would totally wear this to work.

Indoor Kitty said...

I love it! Looks superb on you Piffy! Two thumbs up.

I have only two AA, mostly because of that weird pigment thing you once alluded to. I hate how they separate / stick to the bottle. Makes me see red.

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