Thursday, April 12, 2012

Essie Pink is the link

(3 or 4 coats - can't remember)

This might be the sheerest color I've ever encountered. I think it would be perfect for a french but no stains allowed!

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beachgal said...

WOW! That is thin looking even in the bottle! Did you use all of that down to the fill line in the bottle on that 1 mani? Or was that a couple manis? I know I have a thin DS OPI - Royal is the shade. I adore's super thin and I don't like to put a base under it - everything takes away from the beauty of the polish if I use a blue base. I like to see the layers of sheer and all the pink and teal micro shimmer popping through the Royal sheer. If you use a base you loose most of that. So...of course it has to be a VHTF DS shade that runs $30-$42/bottle now days if you even find it. I tend to wear it on my toes because it will last a month there and I get a long, long wear out of one use then...I also like to pop it with a line on my toe edge with a Stripe Rite metallic fuchsia line that pulls out the pink shimmer particles in the Royal. Also helps with any tip wear!

Piff said...

It was a couple manis + evaporation.

Royal is a great color!

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