Friday, April 6, 2012

Keep Those Applications Coming!

Hey Guys -

I'm re-posting our call for awesome blog-hopefulls because I've changed some of the application requirements to make things easier.

We would like to invite those interested in joining our blog-team to submit a proposal!

Ladies (or gentlemen!) that
  • have been interested in nail polish for longer than a few months (especially those who have been avidly participating in a nail polish community board or have their own blogs); or
  • have pursued or are pursuing any post-graduate (i.e. have a bachelor's and are pursuing or have pursued further education) level coursework
are particularly encouraged to apply, but if you do not meet the above suggestions, that is NOT a bar to application.

If interested, please contact us via our contact page with:
  1. an introductory blurb about (i) you, (ii) your academic/professional background, if applicable, and (iii) your nail polish hobby/fetish
  2. if applicable, what you think your voice will bring to PoP (particularly if you think it's something we're missing!)
  3. a link to your nail swatches
  4. if applicable, a link to an existing nail blog you're a part of
  5. if applicable, any name you use on a nail board community


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Allyson A said...

Woohoo! Love, love, love this opportunity!

Going to put together an application this weekend. Knew that graduate business degree would be good for something someday.

Anonymous said...

If we already contacted you, do we need to resubmit our application to meet the new requirements?

Piff said...

Allyson - Hurry! We're close to making our decision and may announce as early as Monday!

Violet - No, the new requirements are easier so if you met the old ones you're golden.

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