Saturday, April 28, 2012

Top 5 Summer Pedis of 2011

Spring is going full throttle. Summer is just around the corner. I love this time of year. The pedis are coming!!!

K2k started it. And I've followed.

So last summer I decided to do all my own pedis. The fear of fungus and the expense were too much for me to take.

I'm not flexible so at first I started with Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips because all you gotta do is peel, press, and pull. They were really great and wore unbelievably well.

  • My favorite was Misbehaved.
I wore it for weeks! But I never took a mani pic :( So here's a blog link to an awesome pic by someone else.

Eventually, I grew a little more confident in my pedi-ing abilities and so I moved on to colors that were opaque in just a couple coats (less bending over you see).
  • Sally Hansen Sonic Bloom

(2 coats)

*droooooooool* This is like OPI Cajun Shrimp (still a major, major fav) with a fatter brush
(great for my toesies) and slightly brighter and very shiny.
  • Chanel Nouvelle Vague

(2 coats)

I once posted about how I regretted buying this polish. Whoops never mind! Of all my summer pedis, this one got by FAAAR the most compliments. I adored how this looked on me. It complimented everything, was eye-catching without screaming for attention.
  • Hema Long Lasting Nail Polish #85

(2 coats)

This was sticky but I still pulled it off in 2. Last year I had a medium purple in my top 5. This time I went light and heavy pink leaning.
  • American Apparel Neon Coral (3 coats)

(2 coats)
The names of the AA's set of neon polishes were kind of off. "Neon red" was a neon coral. "Neon Coral" was neon orange with a lot of white in it.

I really liked this one because it was a neon orange without being a traffic cone orange. I heard that taking photos underwater makes the true color come through better in the photo. Kind of worked, because the first photo is photoshopped to hell to try and get it more color accurate.

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Rose Sélavy said...

Love them all, Especially Chanel and SH. :)

Anan Cloud said...

I love these colours, but since it's about pedicures how come there are no pics of toes? It's like this at lots of other nail blogs too. Are pics of feet a no go area? I'm not trying to be rude, just curious cause I'm new to nail blogging.

Criminal Nails said...

Nouvelle Vague is simply magnifique :)Of the five, the neon might be my least choice; but they all look great on you!

mgiandzi said...

looks amazing! Love all the colours especially the Chanel colour!

Bethany Taylor said...

Great summer colors! Vague is my favorite!

Savvy said...

Sonic Bloom is AMAZING on you!

Piff said...

Rose - Me Too!

Anan - I hate my feet and even the nicest feet are kind of icky.

Criminal - Thanks :)

mgiandzi - Gorgeous right?

Bethany - It's pretty great.

Savvy - Thanks! I love it.

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