Monday, April 16, 2012

Zoya Gaia

(3 coats)

I love this color so much. But I have to face facts - this is one of those dreadful old formula Zoyas that are uneven and never dry. I did three coats and stopped trying because I was pretty sure the fourth wasn't going to be the winner either. But the color is gor-geous (a sheer white with bronze-y gold shimmer), so if you have the patience try it.

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Niki said...

i love this color!

Nina said...

Beautiful! I want a colour like this for summer :)

April said...

It's one of my favorites. You can try layering it over something like Essie Marshmallow.

beachgal said...

Love this shade too. I use drying drops to get each coat to dry before putting on the next and have no issues with the never getting to dry.

Jill said...

I like this shade! Zoya- Bela is one of my favorites, but it has similar issues. It needs to have thick coats for opacity and takes forever to dry. It's gorgeous though, so I'm willing to wait.

LabMuffin said...

Never-drying polishes are one of my nightmares! This reminds me of an ulta3 cheapie I keep passing over in the shop... time to buy it methinks!

Piff said...

Niki, Nina - Me too :)

April - Not a huge fan of Marshmallow's formula either

beachgal - Great tip. Thanks for your input!

Jill - I would be waiting forever with Gaia

LabMuffin - Def!

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