Wednesday, May 23, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favorite Holo

OPI DS Diamond

(2 coats)

This was the polish I wore to my graduation 3 years ago! It's a pale lilac (weirdly though, the color in the bottle looks like it's turning taupe, but on the brush it's still lilac) with a really subtle linear holo that only shows up under certain lights.

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KimsKie Nails said...

Ahwww... I own this one too, but sadly it doesn't match my skintone very well :(

Maybe when my hands are a bit more tanned, it will look better.

It looks stunning on you!

keijtieloves said...

great colour :)

beachgal said...

Looks good on you. I don't have this DS - have a lot of the ones hard to get for a decent price - but like many lemming Glamour and not willing to pay $56 as it's been running. I have a lavender hollo from NfuOh

beachgal said...

@KimsKieNails - maybe we can do a swap??? I would like to get this one and happy to have yours if not been used a ton. I really need to learn how to use MUA...only with me downsizing I really don't want to swap many other than some I want to give up and know I cannot sell unless I get a blog going and run blog sales because that seems the only way to 'sell' used polish I have found. I so don't have time to do a nail blog! I run a really active self support group on line for a bone disease and that's all I can take for web work.

MariJo said...

This is so gorgeous!!

tata-nadaver said...

Very cute your nails.

Anna said...

wow it looks beautifull!

The Lacquer Tracker said...

This is beautiful! Perfect lavender holo. And a good graduation colour, I would think. I always associate particular polishes with notable times I have worn them...

TikiBarbie said...

Great color!

little miss polish said...

I got my hands on that one last year...i am so in love with holo!

Isis04 said...

I love holos so much; this looks great on you!

Piff said...

Kimskie - the color is so subtle on this I imagine it could wash fair skinned ppl out!

Keitjie - agree!

Beachgal - I find OPIs holo aren't as impressive as nfu oh but goodness they apPly better and last longer

Marijo - wow! So glad you like it!

Tata - thanks much.

Anna - agree

Tracker - yup! I wore FYI when I took the bar and emerald sparkle when I found out I passed!

Tiki - true!

Miss - this one is so subtle tho!

Isis - holos are lovely!

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