Wednesday, May 16, 2012

THEME WEEK - My Favorite Nude

I have so many nudes I like. I have sparkly nudes, sheer nudes, pink nudes, peach nudes, holo nudes. It goes on and on. In the end, the choice was clear.

Sally Hansen Wet Clay

I have had a hard time finding a great creme nude, because "nude" is usually nude for white people. Thse nudes can still look great, but they're too light and they just don't "read" like how they're suppose to read. Bandaid-but-better is a concept I long lusted after but had difficulty finding.

That's why I love Wet Clay. It reads ~nude~ on me. And the formula is the bomb. Two easy, creamy coats. Boom done. Off to interviews and client meetings I go.

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Lynn said...

This is gorgeous! It looks great on you :)

Indoor Kitty said...

Piffy I love it. I've yet to find this on a shelf and the day I do, you will hear my cackling laughter all the way to where you are at.

Oooh and have you been going to interviews? *nudges you* email or PM me doll!


Laura Patricia said...

This is a beautiful nude shade.

déjà vu said...

THANK YOU! I got into a little bit of an argument with a friend about the lack of nudes available for those who are not white. Anyway, I'm glad you found that one! I'm still looking for mine! :)

Rach said...

This polish looks PERFECT for you! :) I've been reaching for a lot of nude shades lately, and I'm pretty partial to this one too. :)

CharlieDBeauty said...

It's a nice colour and looks good on your skintone x :-)

Piff said...

Lynn, Charlie - Thanks

Indoor - DONE!

Laura - Really agree

Déjà - They are REALLY hard to find, I'm surprised your friend lacks empathy in this matter! The market is so obviously skewed. Keep looking - it CAN be found :)

Rach - the formula is great too!

Bethany Taylor said...

Looks great on you! I don't think it would work with my skin tone though. Just to let you know (in case you didn't already) I have to fill out a word verification every time I want to post a comment on your blog. All google blogs do this unless you turn it off. It would make it easier to comment if you turned it off :)

Piff said...

Bethany - Thanks for the heads up. I think we fixed it.

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