Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mea Culpa

About a month and a half ago, I posted some angry swatches of Lippmann's Marquee Moon and I wondered aloud why I ever liked this color. I had made the swatches weeks before, so the day the post went up it was kind of new again - I looked and I said "geez, I really remember liking this color...what happened?"

Of course the opposite has happened to me, I swatched something I didn't like, put it away, and a year later came back to find I liked it quite a bit. This post featuring Mint Candy Apple is a perfect example.

But going from liking something to thinking it was shite, was a bit of a weird one.

So I reswatched. Whoops. I love it again.

(3 coats)

The fact is, my application sucked back in June. That was such a throw away swatch. (1) I swatched it on top of at least one other color (you can see the white peaking out). You're not going to get the true nature of a polish like that. Sometimes polishes need underwear, but this one doesn't. (2) I didn't let it dry!! That is a huge nono. Application of a polish is super important, but you can't review a polish without assessing it once it has dried. Look at the old swatch and compare how brush strokey it is to the new one. Let it DRY. Things are different when they're dry.

I actually got many compliments on this manicure. So silly me.

Sorry folks!

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A Girl and Her Polish said...

I love the hint of glitter in the polish, makes it interesting! :)

Epic Nail Time said...

This happens to me with polishes all the time too! I think I hate it, toss it to the side, and completely forget about it! Then a couple of months later I find it, give it a try and love it! It has happened to me with Essie Sexy Divide most recently! Weird how that is!!!

Piff said...

A girl - Yup! Shiny sequins!

Epic - At least it's not just me@

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