Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ulta3 Spring Shower (slightly frankened)

Good pastels are difficult for me to find - for some reason they look wrong on me if they're not slightly dirty/grey. Something to do with undertones, maybe. Luckily there've been lots of grungey pastels coming out (OPI Pirates collection comes to mind), but I tend to franken most of my cremes. This is one of my favourite pastel shades to wear - NYC Blue Bird (dupe of ulta3 Spring Shower) with a few drops of black. Somehow, those few drops of black make all the difference - the normal polish looks weird on me, a bit too bright.

This is 2 coats without topcoat - see how nice the application is? ulta3 pastels have such great formulas, almost like OPI, at a tenth of the RRP. Love love love.

Annoyingly, it's suddenly become HTF - ulta3 are in the process of revamping their everything, and things are Not Quite Normal. I've been on bin dives recently mere days apart (bin diving for ulta3s is an Aussie polish enthusiast rite of passage, since ulta3s come tossed in massive tubs), and come up with completely different polishes. Happily though, they're now stocked in Coles and Woolworths, the two major grocery chains in Australia, making no-buys nigh on impossible... but a $2 polish really doesn't inspire much guilt!

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kittytokaren said...

This is gorgeous on you! Pastel done perfectly. I agree - sometimes it's hard to find the right pastel and a little drop of black can grey it out *just* a titch and make it so much more wearable!

Unknown said...

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