Saturday, November 24, 2012

New York Summer Poppies

No Top Coat

Top Coat on First Two Fingers


Top Coat on All Fingers
 (2 coats)

I wish I could get accurate photos to show you here.  This is hands down my most top-coat transformative polish in my stash.  Without top coat, it's a run of the mill purple shimmer.  It's nice but nothing to write home about.  Slap on a top coat and watch it change from a purple shimmer to a glowy deep fuschia.  The color literally gets pinker, blingier, more expensive looking.  You can tell a little from these swatches, but these really does not do justice to (1) the difference putting a top coat on makes and (2) how gorgeous the polish is with top coat (and it does too much justice to the polish without top coat).

This color was well worth the pocket change!!

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A Polished Touch said...

Wow, that's incredible. I haven't come across any polish in my collection that reacts in that way to topcoat. Neat!

Lindsey R said...

Wow that is crazy glowy!

Monica P said...

Totally vibrant! I love short nails too!


Rhonda (nailsbeautiqued) said...

I remember hearing about how weird the formula was on this one but of course in a good way. I'm glad I own it but haven't swatched it yet. I love the black edges it creates. It makes me think of a purple version to Chanel Malace. Or am I crazy to compare it to Malace? Lol!

TikiBarbie said...

Very pretty!

gl0ssy said...

Thats a lovely shade!

Sandi said...

Thanks for the tip! I have this but had only swatched, without topcoat. Tried it as soon as we got home for T-day travels. It was amaaaaazing.

Piff said...

A Polish - I think China Glaze is coming out with an entire set now!

Lindsey - It REALLY is.

Monica - Thank goodness I love short nails, b/c that's all I can do.

Rhonda - obsessed more than anything.

Tiki/Gl0ssy - agree :)

Sandi - So glad I got you to try it!

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