Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Zoya Casey

(2 coats)

I'm on a kick of fall polishes. Vamps and rich shimmers - ahoy!

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beachgal said...

This certainly is a vampy shade - maybe in another few weeks I will get there - it's still over 90 degrees F where I live - never can recall it staying this hot this late into fall ever. I am usually into need for a sweater by now and rocking great long cool walks on the deserted beaches where I live by now.

Jujuka Papadopoulou said...

I waited impatiently for Fall to try my new vamps and now that is here all I want to wear is French manis!
You certainly sent me looking through my polishes, trying to pick a vampy shade!

Kate79 said...

Zoya Casey is in my top 5 favorite polishes. I haven't worn it in forever though, I think I'll put it on tonight!

Danisha said...

The perfect polish!

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