Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gray Inspiration (Nubar Stronghold)

(Source) (amazing blog and swatches btw)

This photo that came up on my RSS feed (which I subsequently pinned).  I loved it.

Here's my version.

(2 coats)

I was pretty happy with the manicure but I was so bummed that I didn't have any gray stuff to hold so I could full on tribute the original photo.  But then I was like "oh wait, gray is my favorite color, I have tons of gray shit."

(My favorite leather jacket. I got it from a second hand leather shop when I was visiting Toronto last fall. My BFF and I went up to the second floor and it was JAM PACKED with leather coats. It was overwhelming (never mind the smell). It was the first and only thing I picked up to look at. I stood in one spot and did a 360 scan of the room. My eyes fell on something gray and short. I tried it on and it was perfect.)


(My gray architect's lamp. The light by which I do all of my manicuring and photography.)


(My gray leather backpack from ASOS.)

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Lindsey ~ Wondrouslypolished said...

I fell in love with that photo, too!

I love this Nubar you used - looks great! :)

kittytokaren said...

I LOVE this! And all the "poses" you did too :)

splattergirl said...

I live in Toronto, can you approximatelyt remember where was the store where you got the jacket or its name? :)

Lani Maverick said...

Nice photos! I bought grey trousers on sale a few weeks ago, and now it's one of my favourite colors too.

ilexica said...

Ugh this is amazing! Grey is my favourite colour for clothes, too. In fact in a recent teaching evaluation a colleague commented on the fact that I 'might want to wear less grey' since I'm not that visible in a large lecture theatre in muted colours. To which I responded 'uh, that might be difficult...grey, black and white are about 95% of my wardrobe...'

Piff said...

Lindsey - thank you!!

k2k - lol thanks love :)

splatter - I can't quite remember, I was west of bathhurst but I can't remember if I was on Dundas or Queen (probably Queen).

Lani - Gray is literally the best ever.

Piff said...

ilexica - thanks! grey is a HUGE part of my warddrobe. I'm quite warm toned so I can't wear black without looking ill, so grey and cream are my go tos for sure.

Piff said...

splatter - it was Doc's Leather

NailGlaze said...

Nice color!

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