Thursday, January 31, 2013

OPI Designer Glow

(2 coats) 

I'm moving apartments today.  I'm leaving my lovely but expensive one bedroom in Hell's Kitchen to a cozy roommate situation in Fort Greene.  I'm looking forward to the move and am hopeful me and my new roommate don't drive each other crazy.

I packed up my helmer - cosying all of my polishes into a jam packed 4 drawers (I'm super psyched to learn how much I've paired down my collection - just 4 drawers my god!) and lined everything with large, fluffy sheets of cotton that I had ordered from transdesign.  Because of that, I haven't really had access to all of the polishes.  I moved all of my nail polish treatments, topcoats and tools into a plastic shoebox.  I put all of my minis into the box too because I was worried that they were too small for the tight yet protected squeeze I was going for in the packing of the helmer.  So I've only had access to my minis.  It's been pretty enlightening.  I've already thrown out 3 of my frankens... just no.

Next in the bin is a tiny decant of OPI Glow that k2k sweetly sent me years ago.  I tried it when she first sent it to me then I sent it into the darkness.  The color is just way too close to mine.  This was photographed after about a day wear, it was so close to my normal skin color I didn't actually notice all the tip wear until after I downloaded the macro shots.  So sorry!  Anyway, I've been mattifying everything the past month or so.  I thought the effect with these super-shimmery polishes was kind of fun.  It was still super glittery, just kind of like the dull side of a crinkled up piece of tinfoil.

OPI Glow wont be heading with me to Brooklyn, and she wont be missed.

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Sarah Turner said...

What are you going to do with her? If you're going to thro her out, I'd love to give her a nice home.

Sarah Turner said...

Throw*.... Stupid autocorrect.

Indoor Kitty said...

Just four drawers? I'm a little proud of you Piffsicles. That is awesome. Happy New Digs!

le huong said...

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Piff said...

Sarah - She's gone - sorry!

Indoor - Thanks so much! I know 4 drawers! I've been really pairing down. Especially since there's been such a focus on innovating glitters (which is awesome for those that love that) the past few years, I haven't been buying a ton. Which is good for my wallet!

le huoung - Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Welcome!

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