Monday, February 18, 2013

Essie Jazz (fake nail experiment)

Last Saturday, out of sheer nail-boredom, I got fake nails. I thought I would never (being a loud and proud member of the Nubbin Association), but I have been loving the almond shape nail for so long, I had to go for it. But then in my usual, contrarian fashion, upon arriving at the salon I said to myself "I don't want almond, everybody has that, I'll get oval." And so I got oval. I like it well enough but it's not what I really wanted so I think I will return for an almond shape trial as well. I thought about re-shaping them myself at home, but I don't have enough length in order to have it come out how I want (it would look sort of stiletto-shape looking, which is not what I'm going for).

(2 coats) 

I LOVE Essie Jazz by the way (I'm wearing it on my toes right now!). K2K has been a long time obsessive over this color but it took her buying Chanel Frenzy, obsessing over that, and indicating that the colors were similar for me to finally buy Jazz. I'm so glad I did. The formula is fab, and the color is soooooo good. It walks the line between nude and taupe so it looks so clean and and just a little bit edgy.


I didn't get acrylics or gels or anything. These are custom-fit press-ons; they're quite a bit thinner than gels or acryclics, so they look a little more real. But you really can't wear sheer colors with the ones I got; they are completely see through (see above).

Jazz was actually the second color I tried. When I got them put on, I brought in OPI's So Many Clowns...So Little Time (a stand-by fav), but it was too sheer. About a day later I couldn't take it any more and layered a couple coats of Jazz on top.

The danger of this kind of nail is that acetone will dissolve the glue that's holding them on, so you have to be careful changing polishes. I bought a non-acetone remover for precisely this reason, and was still really careful when removing the multiple layers of polish.  I changed the color to Essie Clutch Me If You Can (another stand-by fav).

 (1 week later - Essie Clutch Me If You Can - 3 coats, with Barielle Elle's Spell accent nail)

A week later they are still going strong (my middle nail is starting to lift a little bit, however).

Overall experience? I was super glad I tried them, and will probably wear them for another week (at which point, they will be too worn out I think). But this is not how I would keep my nails all the time. Typing is difficult and it's been over a week and my nail beds still feel a little weird. But they look great and have been really fun. I will definitely go back for the almond shape in time for the summer.

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Sandipa Sharma said...

This nail shape looks great on you!! Really elongates you fingers!

Rach said...

Love that nail shape on you! And Jazz as well, flawless classic that it is.

minnie said...

wow, that nail length looks awesome!!!!!

nekodansu said...

they did a really good job, that shape is also really flattering on you.

Piff said...

Sabdipa - Thanks so much! My fingers don't need elongating for sure! Lol. But my nail beds do, and I think these did that.

Rach - Thanks. Love Jazz.

Minnie - Thanks love!!

Nekodansu - Thanks, yes I thought it was quite flattering to me. But my BFF said it was "mom shape"

Jeff Philandar said...
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