Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year! A England: Saint George + nail art

This past weekend was Lunar New Year  -- I didn't do anything than the usual eat with my family on Sunday nights, but I did manage to wrangle up a Lunar New Year manicure... I wanted to go for a snakeskin manicure (since it's the Year of the Snake) but didn't have the Bundle Monster plate for it (which is what came up on Google when I searched for "snakeskin manicure") so I decided to try to freehand.

Kind of looks more like dragon scales or fish scales than snakeskin but I tried!

I sponged (with plastic) A England Princess Sabra over A England Saint George but it didn't show up well enough so I dabbed Jessica Hologram Chic: Disco Diva over and it gave more of a contrast that I wanted. I then used black acrylic paint and a small dotting tool to make little curves.

Here are my previous Lunar New Year manicures -- guess what the animals are :)

this is when I thought long nails looked good on me, lol
Happy New Year again! Hope everyone has a great week!

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Sana said...

Lovely mani ideas <3

Lovestruck Lacquer said...

Love the snakeskin! I actually really like your nails long... But I guess they get in the way all the time and its so painful when they break :(

minnie said...

@Sana - thank you!

@Lovestruck - I may try long again, I'm just not as good at filing my nails evenly -- I like them a bit more rounded now. I've been lucky *knocks on wood) where I haven't broken a nail in more than a year, I think!

Elaine said...

You really did a great job! Love the snakeskin, enjoyed them all, thanks.

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