Friday, December 18, 2009

Goldie swatches, Part I of II

These are pretty awesome for polishes that effectively came out to $1 each. Unfortunately for readers, these are unnamed. Not even numbered!

Goldie #1
Champagne shimmer with slight pinkish-purple cast. Three coats. A pretty ordinary color but pleasant nonetheless. Very smooth application, even though the weird flower top takes some getting used to.

Goldie #2

Frosty dusty purple shimmer. Pretty much same comments as the champagne shimmer polish though I like this color better.

Goldie #3

It's hard on my nails to tell but this one is awesome, even though it doesn't get opaque by three coats (and can't easily take more than that without some drying time). This would be beautiful on someone with nails that are not stained like mine. I even tried to scrub my nails with a lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide solution (next stop: denture cleaners...) before applying this one, just because it'd be beautiful if my nails were beautiful! Very fine blue, green, gold and silver glitter in bright blue jelly. Take my word for it, sparkles like mad.

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Paige said...

These look very pretty!

Ashley said...

The blue jelly seems very close to Shooting Star by Sally Hansen. I like the shade of purple, but seems too weird with the shimmer/frostiness.

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