Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NOTD: Massini Slamming Red

I am so grateful to the MUA swapper who threw this into a recent mystery swap package. It looks beyond amazing in the bottle: shining, shimmering, splendid holo EVERYWHERE, suspended in a sea of rich fuchsia glitter.

I loved it when I saw it.

Now, not so much. This is one of the hardest polishes I've ever tried to apply. I almost don't want to post the pictures, my mani looks so messy. There's a reason it looks like it's all glitter: it is, in fact, all glitter. It comes out like thin, sparkly, fuchsia Elmer's glue and the rather long and flexible brush picks up a ton of it at a time. This'd be great for someone with big nails but I have little nails. Little nails, big mess. All over. Pain in ass clean-up. And CHUNKY. I mean, it looked clumped on my nail and rather dull clumps too. Putting a coat of Nubar Diamont helped gloss it up and smooth it out slightly except the glitter ATE the gloss and it became dull in an hour. I went outside with it and though it was pretty and sparkly in the sun, it looks dull and dark indoors. And clumpy. So clumpy. And because it was a glitter polish, it took about twenty minutes of hard scrubbing with acetone and felt to remove.

I'm sad because I've heard tell of Massini glitter polishes (some of which are direct dupes for Color Clubs) and some of the photos are stunning. This one... fail. Big fail. Ugh. Here it is. (Lookit how pretty the bottle is! Look at the bottle! THE BOTTLE. NOT MY FINGERNAILS.)

Massini Slamming Red

I still have hope for Massini though (especially since I really like Color Club polishes) and will get another shot at them very soon...

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