Sunday, July 19, 2009

Orly Prince Charming

I am really enjoying the new Orly collection! It's got a nice variety of colors, all very "fall" feeling. Though Pixie Dust was the prettiest pretty that ever prettied -- there's no other word for it -- I think I prefer the mushroomy Prince Charming. What I like about taupe/mauve cremes is that they kind of change: they're not brown or grey or purple but they appear more as one than the other depending on the light. (My favorite example of this is China Glaze's Channelesque. It looks like I've changed polishes when I'm going from sunlight to indoor lighting.)

Absolutely no problem with the application of Prince Charming (and with a coat of Nubar Diamont topcoat, I don't even have tipwear after two, three days). I've never had issues with Orly's formula but until recently, the colors were incredibly blah. Thank heavens, no more. Or maybe I shouldn't be so grateful: it just means there are more polishes out there that I'm going to want to buy.

Orly Prince Charming

And for comparison's sake, another taupe Orly from a collection from earlier this year:
Orly Country Club Khaki

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